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Watches - A Timely Gift for the Biggest Days

Watches - A Timely Gift for the Biggest Days

At BREMOIR, we believe a new Roaring Twenties is around the corner, one hundred years after the last one. The Art Deco era can be an inspiration in many different facets of modern life, but what is the ultimate Time Worth Remembering? Surely a wedding day has to be up there - and not just for the bride and groom. 

Seeing a son or daughter commit to a special person after years of wrong choices and painful heartache. Having that sunset cocktail and cigar the night before the big day with your childhood friends, to reflect on the past and dream about the future. Seeing your girl walk down the aisle with a bashful, but loving smile that promises years of happiness. Meeting your own future wife as a guest through a drunken, dance-floor fumble with the bride's cousin; we all have our own personal memories that linger pleasantly.


The weddings of the Age of Art Deco saw an emancipation from formality - looser dresses, bobbed haircuts, relaxed suits, big band jazz, colorful clothes and even an explosion of elopements and “unsuitable matches.” Such was the era’s predisposition towards eschewing convention and celebrating in style. These days, for all of the stress that goes into choosing table flower arrangements, venues, menus, wardrobe, music and so on - what makes the memories are the people that were there to witness this most public of commitments, the people who have known you since you were born and people who will be there at the end.

Adding to the chaotic planning and executing of a wedding, buying wedding gifts can be just as challenging. Neighborhood retailers in the 1920’s began to offer brides the opportunity to create lists so that they could furnish their new home with glassware and china, often in return for newspaper column inches announcing their betrothal. Marshall J. Field & Co. in Chicago was the first major store to open a department dedicated to brides and weddings. Wedding "registries" became a trend that continues to this day. While they do avoid the problem of a couple receiving seven sets of identical champagne flutes, it can feel a little assumptive and transactional for the giver and receiver alike. Personalized gifts are much more likely to create warmer feelings in the moment, but it can be hard to choose something both useful and in line with the couple’s tastes and style.



Worn every day, watches are one of those accessories that doesn’t go into storage, smashed on the floor or left to get dusty on a shelf somewhere. The sheer frequency of use makes them a valuable gift, and on top of this, every time you look down at the watch bought for a special occasion, you are reminded of that special day.  This makes them fabulous options for weddings or anniversaries. A beautiful timepiece is the perfect gift for a groom, or indeed from a groom to his groomsmen.



A BREMOIR Lexington could also be a gift to yourself, especially if you have a wedding to dress up for. There are four dials to choose from which can match any wedding theme. The chocolate and brown Lexington - Cohiba goes beautifully with any shade of blue suit, the staple choice for most weddings; especially when paired with a white shirt.

The aptly named Lexington - Tuxedo dial variant is perfect for a Black-Tie event with its silver and black color scheme. The Lexington - Morocco, sporting a copper and blue face on a natural, brown leather strap, would compliment a linen suit at a beach wedding. The Cloud Club, named after the rooftop bar and restaurant at the Chrysler Building, with its silver and blue color scheme pairs wonderfully well with a light gray three piece suit.



Whichever Lexington you choose to wear at your next wedding or other important social event, its unique, yet classic design will go well with just about anything and help you stand out from the crowd.

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