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When does fashion become timeless?

When does fashion become timeless?

Today is the official start of New York Fashion Week and since we love all things Art Deco, we always enjoy learning about the fashion houses that are rooted in this period.  

Coco Chanel is one of the icons of the Age of Art Deco, an obsessive pioneer whose vision still reverberates around the world today.  The little black dress, women’s two-piece suits, and Chanel No.5 perfume were all conceived between 1921 and 1926.

Jeanne Lanvin, Else Schiaparelli and Paul Poiret spear-headed huge innovation with the intent to both relax and glamorize in equal measure.  Sherylin Decter writes well on the era’s haute couture here.

Why have some designs, and designers, endured more than one hundred years later? Innovation alone can lead to temporary trends and embarrassing photos twenty years later. At BREMOIR, there are some principles around geometric shapes and the use of colors and patterns which inform our decision-making.  We believe that simplicity is key in watch design.

The stepped bezel on the Lexington emphasizes the beauty of a circle – that never-ending, symmetrical, and featureless form.  The detailing of the minute and hour markers are drawn from the metal-work and spire of the Chrysler Building in New York City.  Many other gorgeous architectural design details from the building were left out of the watch, to ensure it wasn’t over-designed.  Knowing how much, or how little to use of a design element is an art in and of itself. 

Attention to detail is so important, not only to reflect the quality of the microengineering in the movement, but because it is the thing that elevates something from being clean to something being beautiful.  You shouldn’t notice the way the hour markers are polished and faceted, but rather you should just be mesmerized by the way the light reflects back into your eyes.  Tasteful juxtaposition is another principle shared with the world of fashion.  This was achieved through the contrasting of the brushed and polished stainless steel case.  

When does fashion become timeless? For BREMOIR, it’s when these solid principles meet creativity and imagination. 

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