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A New Dawn for Travel and the Lexington

A New Dawn for Travel and the Lexington

Readers of this blog will know that BREMOIR is infatuated with Art Deco design, to the extent that we sunk a load of money into starting a watch company with the first model – the Lexington – based on architectural details of that icon of the age, the Chrysler Building in New York City.

However, our passion extends beyond building aesthetics to the technological, cultural and social progress that characterized the 1920’s and 30’s. Whilst sadly not an utopia for everyone, during the Age of Art Deco it was never-the-less true that more people could do more things with their leisure time than ever before  - emancipated by new job opportunities, enlightened by new media and encouraged through motorized transport to travel to newly built resorts both foreign and domestic.

Immense ocean liners brought Bermuda, Jamaica and Havana within reach. Well-heeled fashionistas promenaded on teak decks and relaxed in ornate lounges before they disembarked onto beaches where clothes were shed. For the first time, the suntan outshined fair skin.

Bremoir - Travel Ad

Opulent carriages and richly decorated stations meant trains were boarded for the sheer delight of the ride. Overland trans-continental voyages boasted silver service and Pullman cars, where the rhythm of the rail rocked the passengers to sleep.

Travel for the majority is less appealing these days, but modern city dweller’s proclivity towards visits to coastal towns echoes back to this time. This brings us back to New York, Long Island and the stunning town of Montauk on its Eastern-most tip. The wealthy entrepreneur and visionary Carl G. Fisher decided to build a “Miami beach of the North” for the well-to-do Manhattenites, so that they might escape the suffocating heat of a New York summer. His zeal for development and appetite for risk were typical of the period.  Interestingly, like Walter Chrysler who erected the Chrysler Building, Fisher was also a prominent figure in the automotive industry. Who better than him to appreciate where transport could take you? To this day, Montauk is visited by fans of its pristine beaches, state parks, deep sea fishing, famous lighthouse, golf courses, relaxed vibes and escape from the toil, stress and noise of Gotham.

We returned to New York’s Long Island when searching for inspiration for our fifth Lexington color scheme – the Montauk Dawn. To honor the beautiful colors seen at dawn in the sky off the Montauk coast, the dial features a light, sandy, orangey gold, complemented by the same striking copper chapter ring that has been so popular on the Lexington - Morocco and Lexington - Havana (formerly known as the Cohiba).

Lexington - Montauk Dawn on wrist - Art Deco Watch


To celebrate the clear, blue waters off the New York coast, the LexingtonMontauk Dawn will be paired with a playful, baby blue Nubuck leather strap from Delugs, as well as a baby blue NATO strap with two beige stripes for a more sporty look. These two straps will give you the versatility to easily change the look and feel of this watch depending on your plans for the day, be they lawn sports and yacht clubs or coolers and beach towels.

If sunshine and sea breeze seem a long way off this Thanksgiving, just imagine landing that tuna a few miles out in the Atlantic, and reliving it with your buddies over some surfside sundowner cocktails.

Wouldn’t that be worth getting it in the calendar now?

 Montauk NY lighthouse

At BREMOIR, we like to say time is precious, make yours count. That’s how the likes of Chrysler and Fisher lived their lives. We could all learn a lot of the vivacity, vision and opportunism of that era. However, not all good times are spontaneous - it’s also true that good things come to those who plan.

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