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Durable Steel and Timeless Gold

Durable Steel and Timeless Gold

We are offering two new ways to style your wrist.  For the first time, BREMOIR watches will be available with a stainless steel bracelet.

BREMOIR Eastern with Stainless Steel Bracelet

Horological maestro Gerald Genta took the steel bracelet to a new level when he designed the Royal Oak for Audemars Piguet in 1972 and then followed it with the Nautilus for Patek Phillipe in 1976.  His choice of material however - stainless steel - was a child of the Age of Art Deco. 

The architecture of this period inspires all BREMOIR designs and it was stainless steel in fact that was the new material used to construct the iconic spire atop the Chrysler Building.  Incredibly, it has endured in fantastic condition almost 100 years later.

Chrysler Building spire

For watch fans who want a dependable and hard-wearing strap, that still looks sleek and crisp, then this one’s for you. It works particularly well on the Eastern, but can also be attached to the Lexington.  The choice is yours. 

Bremoir Eastern - Pacific with Stainless Steel Bracelt

Gold, in all its supreme luxury, was another staple of Art Deco design and the period.  We could not resist producing a small quantity of gold PVD coated bezels for the BREMOIR Eastern. The result is an eye-catching watch that dances in sunlight.

BREMOIR Eastern with Gold Bezel

It’s a tribute to the Eastern-Columbia’s gilded main entrance that originally led to a retail arcade running through the center of the building. The Eastern – Pacific gold bezel is now available in the shop.

Eastern Columbia Building entrance

Columbia Building image trademark used with permission)

BREMOIR Eastern Gold Bezel

Offering individual freedom of choice is in our DNA.  Our first model, the Lexington, was launched in four different colorways, which was quite a unique move for a new brand.  We wanted to give the wearer choices that would reflect their individual style, right from the get-go.  For days at the beach or pool, we even launched the sporty Montauk Dawn (our fifth colorway) with a water-ready, baby blue NATO strap.

The BREMOIR Lexington collection

As a brand that is rooted in the Art Deco period, we felt it appropriate to embrace choice.  While customization may be more of a modern trend, it can be argued that the 1920’s and 1930’s saw an explosion in freedom of expression as the constraints of Edwardian society were shaken off after the first World War.  The new Spirit of the Age was characterized by the liberation of the individual from being trapped by class, wealth and geography; enabling more people than ever to pursue the new opportunities in towns and cities that were brought about by technological advancement. The rejection of convention spilled into jazz, travel, dancing, and fashion.

BREMOIR Artwork - Jazz - Art Deco

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