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BREMOIR's design ethos is informed by the style of the Art Deco period. This aesthetic resonates one hundred years later because it shares our modern appreciation of geometric shapes, tasteful colors and simple, yet sophisticated design.



Our debut wristwatch, The Lexington, is inspired by the Chrysler Building in New York City.

Stepped bezel

The gorgeous stepped bezel climbs upwards like a skyscraper. Polished, stainless steel reflects light in a magical way and contrasts beautifully against the mostly brushed finishing of the rest of the case.

Polished & brushed case

The Lexington’s balance of glamorous and sporty steel finishes means it can easily be dressed up with leather straps or dressed down with nylon straps.


The chapter ring and sector dial layout creates a very distinctive, period correct aesthetic. A contrast between the chapter ring and the rest of the matte finished dial is created with metallic paint in either brushed stainless steel or copper.


These applied, three-dimensional numerals give a pleasing and subtle depth to the dial without adding unnecessary, elaborate design details.


Avoiding the common dash or railroad styles, The Lexington instead uses the gorgeous metalwork of the Chrysler Building's entrance as inspiration, with the minute markers shaped like doorways.


The hour markers are inspired by The Chrysler Building's entrance doors and spire triangles. Like the numerals, they are applied, faceted and polished, rather than painted, reflecting little shards of light to the wearer, and contrasting with the matte finish dial.


The triangular ends of the hour markers are surrounded with Swiss Super - Luminova®, reflecting The Chrysler Building’s luminescence in the iconic NYC night-time skyline.


The Lexington is powered by the automatic, Swiss Made STP 1-11 caliber (no date) movement, which winds itself automatically. It features a 44-hour power reserve and operates at a frequency of 28,000 BPH (Beats Per Hour).


Like New York City itself, the Chrysler Building is
bold, beautiful and without equal in the vast world
of Art Deco architecture. Designed by William
Van Alen and financed almost single-handedly by
Walter Chrysler, it was constructed in just 21
months. Equally impressive was the fact that there
were zero fatalities during its construction thanks
in large part to Walter Chrysler’s incredible,
process-driven and safety-focused approach to


Opened in 1886, Lexington Avenue has been buzzing ever since. It is home to a significant amount NYC and National Historic Landmarks, including the Chrylser Building. We felt it was the perfect name for our debut model.


Without a doubt, the spire of the Chrysler Building is an iconic feature of the New York City skyline and a monument to one man’s vision and ambition. The Lexington features triangles at the tips of its hour markers as a fitting tribute.


A towering entryway featuring incredible metal and glass-work greets visitors to the Chrysler Building making an impactful first impression. The design of The Lexingtonʼs minute markers are inspired by this incredible metal work.


Our most unique dial design. Cuba wasn’t always a forbidden destination for Americans. In fact its capital, Havana, was a popular cruise destination in the Age of Art Deco. The chocolatey, brown color of this dial will remind you of one Cuba’s most famous products, their fine cigars. The copper chapter ring sets it on fire. It comes on a soft, dark navy Nubuck leather strap with a rich tan brown stitching.



The classic dial variant. Pairing as well with a tuxedo as it does with jeans, white T and a black leather bomber, it is ideal for naughty night owls. This masculine watch comes on a black Epson leather strap with subtle, dark grey stitching that projects style and sophistication.



The founder’s favorite. A brushed, metallic copper chapter ring pays tribute to the Chrysler Building’s lobby, which features opulent Art Deco brown and yellow colors, and walls of Red Moroccan marble. The sharp contrast between the metallic copper and the rest of the sky-blue dial is distractingly gorgeous. This timepiece comes on a lightly-aged looking, brown Nubuck leather strap with brown stitching of a similar coloring.



The rich, clear and clean model. Named after the Cloud Club which once occupied the lofty 66th – 68th floors of the Chrysler Building, and was a hot spot for the power lunches of its day. The brushed, metallic silver chapter ring is a nod to the Chrysler Building's gorgeous stainless steel spire that is, and will forever be, an icon of the famous skyline. The watch comes on a light grey, Nubuck leather strap that feels like suede, only more refined.


Montauk Dawn

To honor the beautiful colors seen at dawn in the sky off the Montauk (NY) coast, this dial features a light, sandy, orangey gold, complemented by a striking copper chapter ring. Celebrating the clear, blue waters off the New York coast, the Lexington – Montauk Dawn will be paired with a playful, baby blue Nubuck leather strap from Delugs, as well as a baby blue NATO strap with two beige stripes for a more sporty look.



Your LEXINGTON comes with a 2-year, Limited Warranty from the date of delivery.

This Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear (i.e. scratches to the crystal or case) or damages caused by accidents, negligence or incorrect use of the watch.

This warranty is void if work is done on your watch by anyone besides BREMOIR or an authorized watchmaker. This Warranty is non-transferable.


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